House of Peroni - Volume 4

Lorenzo and his team were asked to take on the House of Peroni residency for a second edition and this time the theme was Rome. Having grown up in the Eternal City, this was a culinary trip down memory lane, and an opportunity to showcase hard-to-find Roman classics such as zuppa arzilla, a delicate soup of broccoli and skate.

Lorenzo designed and staffed the kitchen, as well as creating the restaurant and aperitivo menus for the entire House, which again sold out.

Managing an extremely complex and high budget, Lorenzo successfully hosted over 70.000.

Key responsibilities: Budgeting; client relationship; design and planning the kitchen; project management; optimising spaces and potential; contractor relationships; staff employment and training; management and supervision; quality control; health and safety; risk assessment; logistics; design of the restaurant, aperitivo and feasting concept menus. 

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