Little Wander

This is last Lorenzo’s venture together with his family and he is now working on his first book inspired to this project.

A family who travel, play, eat, repeat, on a journey around the world.

Little Wander is a personal research and creative project.
From September 10th 2017, I travelled 75,000 km around the world together with my writer wife Jo and my two kids, Olivia and River, gathering material and information about the food and traditions of other cultures while shooting, writing, cooking, homeschooling and showing our kids the world. I learned the cuisine and cooking techniques of eleven different countries: Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand. Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Cuba and a few European countries.

We are brand ambassadors for Thule, ErgoBaby and Phil&Teds.


Instagram: @littlewanderworld

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